kai's commissions !!!


♡ from scratch or sprite reskins
♡ from scratch starting at $20 (+$3 per frame/pose)
♡ reskins starting at $20 (+$1 per frame/pose)
♡ can do simple animations/walk cycles as seen above

portraits / emotes / badges

♡ $10 each
♡ pixel or lined style
♡ default size 50x50px
♡ details will be simplified

graphic design

♡ flyers, twitch banners, stream overlays, logos
♡ $30 base for original logos
♡ $5 base for stream overlay
♡ $20 base for everything else
♡ one free rework


♡ $20
♡ +$5 to $10 for complexity
♡ transparent or gradient background


♡ $15
♡ animals and creatures only
complex designs will be simplified

Terms of service

♡ I can do fanart
♡ I can do pixel game assets like tilesets and objects, ask for prices
♡ I can do experimental backgrounds for extra $
♡ I have a harder time with humans in non-small pixel styles, but I will try my best if you want that !!
♡ I reserve the right to refuse any commission if I'm uncomfortable with it in any way
♡ no NSFW
♡ I reserve the right to use any art for promotional purposes unless otherwise specified
♡ double any of these prices for commercial purposes (ex. company logo, usage in physical merch, twitch doesn't count)
♡ I don't consent to my work ever being made into NFTs or being associated with crypto in any way shape or form
♡ DM/email me for any inquiries!